Dolby Atmos for Music

How we create and experience music is changing


Dolby Atmos Music is a revolutionary new ‘object based’ immersive audio format for music production. This new format allows artists to push their creative boundaries. With Dolby Atmos Music, mixers have the ability to place and move sounds in a 3D environment with more precision, allowing for even more creative possibilities.


The demand for Dolby Atmos Music is growing fast

Today hundreds of movies, television shows, and video games are already produced in Dolby Atmos, and each year more and more devices are equipped to bring immersive audio to the everyday listener. Now, with the release of the Amazon Echo Studio, along with TIDAL adding a Dolby Atmos option to their streaming service, demand for Dolby Atmos Music is set to increase.


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Having helped leading post-production facilities across the UK transition into the world of Dolby Atmos puts us in the ideal position to support music production facilities and home producers alike to better understand the technology and workflows behind Dolby Atmos Music.


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