12-2 compact USB FX mixer


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Designed for live performance, recording and production, the ZED-12FX is a compact analogue mixer with integrated digital effects and USB connectivity. In addition to 6 mic/line mono channels there are 3 dual stereo channels, each with a main stereo input on jack sockets, and the additional ability to take stereo inputs from phono sockets or the USB audio input. 4 aux sends are provided, of which 1 & 2 are prefade for foldback monitoring, and 3 & 4 post-fade for effects sends. A stereo signal can be sent from auxes via USB to computer to create 2 separate record feeds independent of the main LR mix (1&2) and or used as FX sends (3&4). The effects section features 16 effects including delay and reverb, ping-pong delay, a selection of reverbs with different room/hall/arena properties, flanger and chorus.

• 6 mono channels with insert point and 3-band swept-mid EQ

• 3 dual stereo input channels

• Configurable stereo USB connectivity

• 16 effects with tap tempo

• 3 aux sends

• 100mm professional quality faders