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The Beyerdynamic MCE 85 PV is a shotgun microphone with a supercardioid / lobe polar pattern that can be easily mounted to film cameras, DSLR cameras, digital camcorders or in combination with a microphone boom or as a handheld for high-quality recordings.

Developed for professional indoor and outdoor audio recordings, the MCE 85 PV is housed in a lightweight aluminium casing with a high-quality capsule inside the shotgun to ensure precise sound reproduction. An included low cut filter can be switched on and off to eliminate low frequencies and compensate for mechanical vibrations and proximity effect.

• Maximum Attenuation of Ambient Noise
• Exceptionally precise recordings even in loud environments
• Low Cut Filter
• Smart Design
• Mic clamp (MKV 108), wind shield and bag

The microphone is available in three variations:

• MCE 85 BA (battery powered)
• MCE 85 BA Full Camera Kit
• MCE 85 PV (phantom powered)

Transducer type: Electret condenser
Polar pattern: Lobe
Microphone frequency response: 40 – 19,000 Hz
Dimensions: 23 x 200 mm
Net weight without packaging: 81 g


Datasheet (1.10 MB)