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AD/DA converter


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DAD AX32 is an A/D or D/A converter for recording or mastering applications where eight to 48 channels of analogue inputs or outputs are needed.

In addition, DAD AX32 provides a versatile digital interface structure and audio interfacing via IP L3 Ethernet.

DAD AX32 supplies a comprehensive range of digital interfaces and sample rate formats for meeting many applications.


Flexible AD/DA interface configuration, with mic-pre option:

  • 8 to 48 analogue channels
  • 8 channels on a card
  • 8 ch. line in AD card
  • 8 ch. line/mic pre in AD card
  • 8 ch. line out DA card with output level control
  • Sample rates 44.1kHz up to 384kHz/DSD
  • Internal clock and PLL
Versatile digital interface structure:
  • 8 AES3 I/O interfaces
  • MADI coax and optical I/O
  • 64-channel interface for Pro Tools
  • Ethernet IP audio interface for 64 I/O channels using Dante
  • Synch via word clock, AES11, video, and all digital I/O
  • Adapt to incoming sample rate
  • Optional channel patching and multiplexer engine
Easy control of converter parameters:
  • Settings control via front panel knobs and LCD display
  • Operation via DADman control software for Windows and OSX
  • Ethernet control interface
  • Compliant with the Dante Ethernet controller
A total of eight card slots are available in the chassis frame. Six slots can be used for analogue cards each with eight channels giving a total of 48 AD/DA input and outputs.
The standard interface has the following capability:
  • 8 AES3 I/O on two D25 connectors with 16 mono channels
  • MADI I/O on BNC connectors with 64 mono channels
  • Interface for Pro Tools on SDR (min) connectors with 16 or 64 mono I/O channels
  • Interface for IP Ethernet control and IP audio on two redundant RJ45 connectors with 64 mono I/O channels powered by Dante
Note that IP Audio via Dante is an option that has to be installed in the AX32. A dual power supply option is available.