DOLBY Media Producer

Mastering software suite.


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Dolby Media Producer comprises three software elements: Dolby Media Encoder, Dolby Media Decoder, and Dolby Media Tools, creating a suite designed to support all Dolby audio codecs used in mastering DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, HD DVD, and Blu-ray Disc formats. The suite supports multichannel non-real-time encoding and file decoding of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, and MLP Lossless™ formats.

Dolby Media encoder is a non-real-time encoder that works either on a local computer or over a network to a server, giving access to multiple clients within a facility. The software supports standard audio source files for encoding with any or all of the supported formats.

Dolby Media Decoder is designed to run locally on a single computer, decoding for an individual audio room, and provides decoding and monitoring of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, and MLP Lossless formats.. It supports all consumer listening modes including downmixing and dynamic range control, and it decodes the Dolby Pro Logic® II, Dolby Pro Logic, and Dolby Digital Surround EX™ formats.

Dolby Media Tools allows users to repair and update previously encoded files without having to reencode them. Features include metadata editing, file trimming, timecode striping, and file concatenation.