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The Dolby has VM600 software platform features the same loudness correction, audio conversion, and upmixing workflows as DP600 hardware in a format that in inline with the trend of broadcast operations moving toward virtual workspaces. A simple, effective, and scalable tool for compliance with CALM and EBU loudness laws, VM600 processes content up to 12 times faster by integrating into VMware and storage environments.

VM600 can encode, decode, convert, or transcode audio between a number of popular file formats alone or within media containers, using virtual infrastructure and storage systems. It also includes a high-quality single-step Dolby Digital to Dolby Digital Plus transcoder that preserves the metadata and minimises tandem coding losses.

Designed specifically for cable, satellite, IPTV, terrestrial TV, OTT, radio, and postproduction facilities, VM600 is available in two versions to fit your workflow requirements: one version allows eight simultaneous work orders; the other version allows 16.