DPA 4017B

Shotgun microphone


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The DPA 4017B comes equipped with a highly directional, supercardioid pickup pattern, obtained using a supercardioid design with an interference tube that provides excellent off-axis rejection. A short (210 mm) and exceptionally lightweight (68g) shotgun microphone, the phantom powered 4017B minimizes the often very un-linear response of a shotgun microphone due to its side lobes, and its condenser capsule uses a high voltage pre-polarized back plate, endowing the shotgun with high output. The 4017B’s 19mm (0.75 in) condenser cartridge is capable of handling peak SPLs of 152dB before clipping, and has a wide dynamic range of 116dB across a flat frequency response of 70Hz – 20kHz (±2 dB in 60 cm distance).

The 4017B features two on-board filters, which can implement a high-frequency boost that adds a 4dB shelf at 8kHz and a first-order bass roll-off below 120Hz to minimize handling and wind noise. A permanent third-order high-pass filter at 50 Hz effectively removes unwanted low frequency disturbance from handling and wind noise.