GENELEC M030 Studio Monitor

2-way active monitor.


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Genelec’s energy-efficient M Series is a sustainable monitoring option for project studios. The M030 is a bi-amplified Active monitor, which employs a Natural Composite Enclosure manufactured from wood fibre and recyclable material. Its unique design provides minimised cabinet edge diffraction and optimised imaging, accurate low frequency response and minimised vibration.

The Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) feature reduces power consumption to less than 0.5 watts by automatically switching the active monitor to standby, when no audio signal has been detected for some time. When it receives an audio signal again, the loudspeaker turns back on.

Automatic voltage selection allows the monitors to operate throughout the world. Additionally, the M Series has high-performance drivers, intuitive room response controls and system calibration with XLR/TRS and unbalanced RCA inputs.• 2-way monitor

• 127mm (5-inch) woofer, 19mm (0.75-inch) tweeter
• Frequency response: 58Hz to 21 kHz (+/-3dB)
• Peak SPL 102dB
• 10 3/4-inch H (273mm) x 7 ½-inch W (190mm) x 7 ½-inch D (190mm)
• Weight 4.6kg (8.8 lbs.)