Automatic Digital TBU, Eurocard


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The DHY-03EC eurocard single digital telephone hybrid uses the same technology as the DHY-03 but is based in a card-style format for installation in a eurocard rack frame, or in certain broadcast mixers. Eurocards are supplied without a power supply, or casing, and are therefore significantly cheaper than the other units. It is pin compatible with the older DHY-02EC eurocard, but has the outstanding performance and most of the features of the DHY-03, with a few differences:

  • The analogue input is line level only, though the 10dB professional/ consumer jumper is retained.
  • There is no conferencing facility and consequently no record output option.
  • The level meters are 2 tricolour LEDs.
  • The level switches are now onboard 3 way jumpers.
  • The remote outputs are connected via slide switches which means that the output signal can be either +5V, +15V or pull down to ground.
  • The handset is connected to the telephone line via a divert relay.