4-Channel Audio Logger


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The Sonifex Net-Log is a 4-channel audio logger that can record weeks of programming on a large internal hard-disk. Designed as dedicated hardware for reliability reasons with no PC motherboard, the Net-Log was designed from the ground up to offer high reliability for continuous operation, high quality audio (mpeg compressed),  compatibility with existing broadcast , Windows based systems (bwf files can be saved) and automatic operation with very simple to use software. Playback software on a network connected PC streams the audio to the desktop where it can be played out or saved as a file. All audio created by Net-Log is Windows Media Player compatible so files can be emailed to colleagues and customers and played out on any PC with a sound system.

•Independently configurable channel pairs to record at different sample rates, different bit rates and in mono or stereo

• Up to 250,000 recordings per channel

• Windows remote operation•Support for hard disk sizes up to 2048GB