Contribution Voiceover Monitor With Talkback


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The RB-MTV1 contribution voiceover monitor is a 1U rack-mount designed to be used in voice-over booths, news booths, commentary locations, for continuity announcements and for any other similar applications. Programme feeds, auxiliary feeds and a talkback feed can be taken and monitored. It features four inputs and two outputs, mono microphone input on XLR with switched coarse gain and variable fine gain control using a multi-turn preset potentiometer to give an overall gain range from +20dB to +80dB. A switched LF rumble filter, switched +48V phantom power and switched level limiting control are also featured. A rear-panel multi-turn preset potentiometer allows adjustment of the threshold at which the limiter begins to operate, from -8dBu to +26dBu.

• 4 I/O • Mono microphone input on XLR

• Gain range +20dB to +80dB

• Switched +48V phantom power


Manual (896.78 KB)