Silence detection unit.


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The RB-DSD1 monitors an unattended digital stereo feed. In the event of the signal going silent the unit will switch through to an alternative stereo audio signal. It can also switch if only one channel goes silent, or if the digital sync lock is lost. Silence detection is adjustable between -84dBfs and -39dBfs in 3dBfs steps, with an interval adjustment between 2 and 252 seconds in two-second steps. Controls are provided to start external equipment and to provide remote status indication. Return to the main signal upon re-detection can be either automatic or manual. A passive signal path ensures signal transmission in the event of a power failure.

• 2 AES/EBU I/O on XLR

• 2 S/PDIF I/O on RCA

• 2 TOSlink optical I/O

• AES/EBU, Wordclock and TOSlink sync

•15-way D-Sub connection for remote

• 1U rack-mountable