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The RM-2S10 is a 1U rack-mount unit offering loudspeaker monitoring and accurate, high-resolution metering of up to 20 stereo audio sources (more with the addition of optional expansion cards).  The RM-2S10 has 10 separate analogue and digital inputs that can be used in any combination with sample rates of upto 192kHz accepted.

The level of the chosen source is displayed on a pair of bright, multicoloured 53-segment bargraph meters, with a choice of seven accurately modelled scales/responses to suit different applications and local preferences.

Six illuminated pushbuttons provide access to a range of audio ‘modifiers’ – instant dimming of the volume, individual muting of each audio channel, stereo-to-mono conversion, phase inversion and Middle+Side transcoding. On the rear panel, logic-level inputs allow direct remote access to the DIM and MUTE functions.

The three-way loudspeaker system is fed via a DSP-based active crossover and a trio of highly efficient Class-D amplifiers. A further five-band parametric equaliser can be accessed for room-equalisation purposes via Sonifex SCi Windows-based remote control software.

• 10 x stereo analogue inputs

• 10 x AES/EBU digital inputs

• 1 x stereo analogue or AES/EBU digital output (switchable)