SONNET Echo Express SEL

1-Slot Thunderbolt 2 Expansion System for Low-Profile PCIe Cards

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Use a Low-Profile PCIe Card with Computers Lacking Expansion Slots

Today’s ultra-light notebooks, mini, and all-in-one desktop computers have tremendous processing power—power once found in only full-size workstation or large desktop computers. Smaller in size and more portable, they’re very desirable, but lack internal expansion capabilities. For pros in the creative fields, processing power alone is not enough; PCIe expansion slots are necessary to install specialty high bandwidth NIC cards, or HBAs and RAID controller cards for high-performance storage.

Leveraging the power of Thunderbolt technology, Sonnet’s compact and easily transportable Echo Express SEL Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe Card Expansion System enables the connection of one low-profile professional 16Gb or 8Gb Fibre Channel, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, SAS/SATA host bus adapter or RAID controller PCIe card to any Mac® or Windows® PC(1) with a Thunderbolt port.