STUDER Infinity Core

Unprecedented CPU-based Processing Power

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Studer Vista mixers have an outstanding reputation for sound quality and are widely used in music and broadcast studios. The mixer’s Core processor provides the system’s EQ, dynamics, mixing and level control processing, as well audio routing and metering. Earlier generation Cores were based on dedicated DSP chips, while the recently introduced ‘Infinity Cores’ runs the Vista application on general purpose computer processors. The migration of the Vista application to the Infinity Core has preserved all of the mixer functionality developed by Studer over the last 30 years. General purpose computer technology allows the Infinity Core to provide cost savings and support larger mix engines, capable of handling the most demanding surround sound and higher sample rates projects. The Studer Infinity Cores are designed for the Vista 5, V and X mixers, Vista 5 can also be specified with the previous generation of Score Live processor.

The Infinity Core processors are designed for resilience and use the same components found in mission critical IT servers. In addition, Vista mixers can be specified with dual redundant Cores, minimising the risk of failure due to a hardware fault. The Infinity Cores work alongside the recently introduced Studer D23m I/O racks, with Studer’s proprietary A-Link cabling used for interconnection. A-Link is a fibre based cable that carries 1,536 bi-directional audio channels with control, status and synchronisation data. Dual redundant A-Link cabling is provided, with SFP termination allowing each port to be configured as single or multimode fibre. An Infinity Core can also be built around a third party IT server, fitted with the Studer Core Link PCIe card and a set of Vista software licences.

The Studer Infinity Core line up includes five models with various processor engine sizes and A-Link ports, plus the Core Link PCIe card. The engine size is specified by the MEQ quantity (mono equivalent channels) which is approximately the total number of mixer input, bus and output channels. The MEQ quantity is affectively independent of the number of I/O signals that can be connected to an Infinity Core. The system allows the connection of several thousand I/O signals, with the mixer’s router linking signals to and from the mixer MEQ processing channels. MEQ are specified for standard sample rates and halved when operating at 96kHz.

Summary of Infinity Core models
Infinity Core 300         300 MEQ          11 A-Link ports           approx. supported I/O 8000 x 8000
Infinity Core 600         600 MEQ          11 A-Link ports           approx. supported I/O 8000 x 8000
Infinity Core 1000      1000MEQ          11 A-Link ports           approx. supported I/O 8000 x 8000

Compact Infinity Core

Compact Infinity Core 300      300 MEQ     4 A-Link ports      approx. supported I/O 3000 x 3000
Compact Infinity Core 600     600 MEQ      4 A-Link ports     approx. supported I/O 3000 x 3000


Core Link PCIe Card Licence based 4 A-Link ports (for use with 3rd party server)

Please note, the MEQ quantities are provides as a guide. As part of a system specification process, an assessment of the required MEQ quantity will need to be made.