STUDER Vista 1

Digital Console for Broadcast


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The Studer Vista 1 is an ‘all in one’ console with the control surface containing the audio DSP and a comprehensive set of I/O. The recently introduced Studer Vista 1 BE (Black Edition) mixer is a hardware revision of the original silver Vista 1, with an identical set of features but at available at a lower price.  Vista 1 BE is available in two sizes (22 fader and 32 fader) and with an optional meterbridge.

As standard Vista 1 mixers have a DSP engine capable of processing approximately 140 audio channels (combined number of input and output channels). The standard I/O included 32 mic/line inputs, 32 analogue output, Madi and multichannel AES/EBU I/O. A comprehensive set of GPIO ports allow Vista 1 mixers to be integrated with studio automation and control systems.  The DSP engine can be quickly reconfigured for different task using the supplied mixer presets and more elaborate customised processing configurations can created during commissioning. The mixer is capable of mixing and monitoring in stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

System expansion is supported via the Vista 1’s dual width I/O expansion slot.  This slot is compatible with Studer D21m and D23m I/O cards, allowing a remote stagebox to be attached or direct interfacing to numerous audio distribution formats, such as Dante, Madi, Cobranet, Livewire, ADAT, TDIF, SDI and others.

The patented Vistonics™ user interface with 40 on-screen rotary knobs, is identical to that of the larger and more sophisticated Vista mixers. All Studer Vista mixers run the same operating system and support the same set of standard features.  Anyone experienced with mixing on a Studer will immediately be familiar with the Vista 1. The Vista 1 is resilient with redundant power supplies and real time status monitoring of hardware.


The new Studer Vista 1 is a transportable digital mixing mixer designed music, broadcast, live and production studios. This makes the Vista 1 ideal when space is restricted, such as in OB and ENG vans, small studios, or for hire companies that need a powerful mixer that is easily flightcased and transported.  For example, the 22 fader Vista 1 is less than 1.2m wide and capable of handling over 100 input channels.


The Vista 1 console comes in a standard configuration comprising:

  • 32 or 22 motorized faders
  • Studer FaderGlow™ supplements the Vistonics user interface by illuminating faders in different colours according to their function
  • 140 mono DSP channels, including 5.1 surround channels
  • True broadcast monitoring, talkback, red light control and eight general-purpose control inputs/outputs (GPIO)
  • Input level and gain reduction LED bargraph meter in every fader strip
  • 6 high-resolution VFD master level meters
  • Full mix-minus (n-x) system for live two way operations
  • Vista data format compatibility for easy transfer of console snapshots between different Vista consoles
  • Integrated jingle player for immediate playback of eight different station identifier clips, background FX or other audio files from a jingle stick/USB memory device
  • Online/offline editor
  • Snapshot automation
  • Support for the new Studer® Vista Compact Remote Bay over Ethernet or even WLAN
  • Harman HiQnet® support for controlling other devices such as power amplifiers or wireless microphone receivers from the Harman Professional family of brands
  • Ember and Pro-Bel protocol support for use with broadcast/ newsroom automation systems
  • Redundant PSU
  • Standard I/O comprises
  • 32 high-quality mic/line inputs with phantom power and lowcut filter
  • 32 analogue line outputs
  • 8 stereo AES/EBU inputs and outputs
  • Desk operator headphone
  • USB jingle player socket
  • Slots for additional D21m I/O cards (one double-width or two single-width cards), such as AoIP (Axia Livewire™), MADI, AES/EBU, ADAT, TDIF, CobraNet®, Aviom A-Net®, Dolby® E/Digital, SDI, etc.
  • The system can be extended by using additional Studer Compact Stagebox and D21m I/O frame that can be configured from a wide range of modular I/O cards

Recommended for: Broadcast, Performing Arts, TV, OB Van, Theatres, Houses of Worship, Installed Sound.