STUDER Vista 5

Modular audio mixing console

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Introduced in 2007, Studer Vista 5 mixers are installed in leading broadcast and audio production studios across the world. Studer continues to develop the technology behind this console, the latest Vista 5 Black Edition model is in its fourth hardware revision and there are regular software updates that introduce new features.

Vista 5 is available in three frame sizes, in the original silver and Black Edition finishes and has an optional meter bridge. Systems can be configured with the Score Live or Infinity DSP Cores with I/O interfacing based on the D21m, Compact Stagebox and D23m modular racks. This vast range of options allows a Vista 5 Mixer to be specified to precisely match the requirements of medium to large scale studios. In addition, Studer offers upgrade kits, allowing older hardware revisions Vista 5 mixers to be brought up to the latest specification.

The recently introduced Vista 5 Black Edition (BE) is identical to the Vista 5 M3 apart from its cosmetic finish (M3 is the third hardware revision of the original silver mixer). Due to the revised production methods and an alternative motorised fader the BE version is able to offer the fully functioning Vista 5 system at a lower cost.

All Vista mixers use the same set of control panels and operating software and the Vista 5 will be immediately usable by anyone experienced with mixing on Studer. Two of the key control surface technologies, Vistonics, and FaderGlow provide a revolutionary approach to stress-free mixing. Vistonics places screen based control displays directly next to the physical knobs and switches. FaderGlow reduces stress by illuminating each fader with the colour that relates to the relevant function, creating an instant overview of console status. In addition, SpillZone allows the operator to line-up member channels contributing to Group-Channel with just one button press with FaderGlow clearly displaying their affiliation.

The DSP audio processing for a Vista 5 can be provided by either Score Live or one of the Infinity Core units. The Studer Infinity  and Compact Infinity Cores are available in a range of capacities from 300 and 1,000 equivalent audio channels. The Infinity Cores support massive audio routing with patch crosspoint recalled for different sessions and controllable by third party automation systems. The Vista 5 router can handle the entire requirement for audio format conversion, patching, sample rate conversion, and distribution, and fibre cabling used between Vista components allows a remote I/O  rack to be located a distance of many kilometres. Audio interfacing is provided by the new Studer D23m  I/O racks and modular cards, the system is compatible with the Studer D21m and Compact Stagebox racks. The total I/O capacity, compromising various cards including mic/line, ADAT, TDIF, AES/EBU, SDI, Dante, Livewire and MADI, may exceed several thousand inputs and outputs.

Vista 5 systems can be specified with high degree of hardware redundancy, such as dual processing cores and parallel path cabling. All major elements of the system are fitted with redundant dual power supplies. In addition, a Vista 5 can be fully operated by an external computer running the supplied remote control software. It is important to note that the Vista 5 does not feature the Star Quad redundancy however, the Vista V and X models do.












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