Digital broadcast maximiser.


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Designed to be the final link in the broadcast chain, to optimise the signal and expand the coverage area. A versatile multi-band dynamics processor including EQ, stereo adjuster, automatic gain controller, 5-band look ahead compressor / limiter / expander and more, all applicable simultaneously. Presets can be changed noise-free on air to suit different program material and style. TC’s 20-bit high quality signal path ensures the best possible sound in analogue operation or AES/EBU & SPDIF digital I/O can be used to keep the signal in the digital domain. TC’s Wizard functions help to find the optimal setup in any situation.

• Balanced XLR analogue I/O

• AES/EBU & SPDIF digital I/O

• 5-in-one: EQ, stereo adjuster, automatic gain  controller, 5-band compressor / limiter / expander

• High quality 20-bit signal path

• Perfect for maximizing the broadcast signal and thereby station coverage area

• 1U rack-mountable