WohlerConverter Grande

6GPU file-based standards conversion.


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The WohlerConverter Grande is a software-based transformation engine for file-based standards conversion and frame rate conversions while transcoding. Built on technology from Wohler and Cinnafilm, it provides management and advanced algorithmic processing within video and audio streams during content preparation or transcoding.

Using both temporal and spatial image re-sampling, source video and image files are converted to any new frame rate or resolution. It is also able to interpolate new frames for any desired delivery specification or standard, in addition to features that improve transcoding output quality when moving between standards or frame rates, and conversion from from MXF 29.97 format to 25 (PAL) ProRes for iTunes.

Additional features include parallel processing of files for maximum volume, with TrueGrid parallel processing to further accelerate the process.  For example, between 1080i EVS 50 (PAL) to 720p QT DVC ProHD 59.94 (NTSC) with a 6 worker configuration at two times faster than real time speed.

• 6GPU system • 5RU with RAID-5 storage • Includes Cinnafilm Tachyon conversion bundle