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Update & save money! Get your 200€ cash-back!Buy an Intellimix Focus Desktop Mixer, return your 1st generation Intellimix and you receive a cash-back of 200€ from May 1 until June 30. Simply purchase an Intellimix Focus from HHB today, then afterwards  contact orders@yelllowtec.comto arrange the return of your 1st generation Intellimix and the payment of the cash-back directly with Yellowtec. If you run into any trouble along the way HHB is here to help.

The Intellimix Focus Desktop Mixer comes as a 4-channel device that highlights the important key features most users ask for. It’s the ideal solution for single work places and less technically experienced users. Intellimix Focus addresses users that do not need to handle more than four channels. It makes mixing even easier. Users no longer need to handle detailed adjustments that may distract them from their actual mixing. Its lower price compared to Intellimix Pro, makes Intellimix Focus the ideal solution for single work places and less technically experienced users like many reporters. As such it is the perfect replacement for every first-generation Intellimix. If needed, advanced AoIP connectivity can be added to Intellimix Focus with the optional X64 AoIP extension.

The Intellimix Desktop Mixer stands for a whole new kind of mixing experience. It consists of two units. All the inputs and outputs are to be found on the Intellimix’s 19″ Base Unit while the Intellimix Control Unit is the place where the multitouch widescreen display and all the other operating elements are located. Intellimix Focus gets you control four simultaneous channels. The basic elements of the Intellimix Control Unit are its four G-Touch© fader, the multitouch widescreen display and a rotary control. As a whole new fader technology, the G-Touch© fader combines all the existing fader types’ benefits in a whole new way. Receive an enormous responsiveness and physical orientation when sliding your fingers trough the moulded groove. Make use of the option to preset fader positions and enjoy different fader modes as well as various LED bar-graph indication options.

The Intellimix Base Unit is where the audio-processing takes place. Headphone and microphone inputs are directly accessible on its front side. All the other in- and outputs are located on the Base Unit’s rear side.

Tech Specs

Control Unit

    • Dimensions: 24,5cm x 24,5cm
    • Mic/Line Inputs: 2 – balanced, with selectable sensitivity -77dBu…+18dBu
    • Display: Light hi-res color TFT transreflective widescreen with 250Cd/m2
    • Displaysensor: Gesture ready 5-finder touch sensor
    • Faders: 4x G-Touch® 120mm faders with multifunctional position
    • Channels: 4x, displayed in 1 layer
    • Channel Display Control: 1 parameter of your choice is displayed
    • Keys: 12x illuminated sealed hard keys
    • Chassis: Solid aluminum desktop cabinet with SD-Card reader

Base Unit

    • Dimensions: 19″
    • Inputs (channel-count in mono)
      • Mic/Line Inputs: 2 – XLR, balanced, with selectable sensitivity -77dBu…+18dBu
      • Line Inputs analog: 2 – XLR, balanced, max. +24dBu
      • Line Inputs analog: 2 – RCA, unbalanced, max. +18dBu
      • Line Inputs digital: 3 – AES3/EBU with sample rate converters
      • ADAT-S/PDIF: 1 – selectable ADAT8-channel input or S/PDIF stereo input
      • USB: 1 – multichannel PUC 16 mono/8 stereo inputs with SRC
      • AoIP (DANTE): 1 – RJ45 4 mono inputs
    • Outputs (channel-count in mono)
      • Line Outputs analog: 4 – XLR, balanced, max. 24dBu
      • Line Outputs analog: 2 – RCA, unbalanced, max. 24dBu
      • Headphones: 2 – Stereo
      • Line Output digital: 3 – AES3/EBU with sample rate converters
      • ADAT-S/PDIF: 1 – selectable ADAT 8-channel output or S/PDIF stereo output
      • USB: 1 – multichannel PUC 16 mono/8 stereo outputs
      • AoIP (DANTE): 1 – RJ45 mono outputs
    • Other (channel-count in mono)
      • GPIO/GPO’s: 2 – GPI an optcoupler + 4 – GPO from PhotoMOS relay
      • APC Extension-Ports: 1 – RJ45 powered Ethernet for audio, power, control unlocked for Control Unit only, not for extensions)
    • Options (channel-count in mono
      • Internal Extension Slot: 1 – for X64 AoIP extension to connect via other AoIP standards (Livewire+, AES67, RAVENNA, Dante, NMOS, SMPTE ST2110)
      • External Slot: 2 – for MADI
    • Buses
      • Program Buses: 1
      • Aux Buses: 1
      • Mix Minus Buses: 1 – including b-line controls

Tutorial Series

For more information on the Intellimix check out this video series on Youtube.