Digital I/O System

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The recently introduced D23m modular I/O rack is a key component of the Studer Vista 5, V and X mixer systems.  D23m builds on the success of the Studer’s D21m I/O system, it is based on a 19” rack with 12 card slots and a set of high density I/O cards.  Legacy D21m I/O cards are also compatible with the D23m rack.

Studer’s proprietary A-Link interface is used to connect D23m racks to the Vista’s Infinity Core DSP processor rack, this link carries 1,536 bi-directional audio channels along-side synchronisation, control and monitoring data.   A Vista mixer has to be configured with at least one D23m. The D23m has a built-in 1,536 x 1,536 router, that allows any combination of patching of inputs to outputs. This powerful routing functions enables a Vista system to handle a studio’s complete requirement for audio signal format conversion, synchronisation, patching and distribution.  In addition, the Vista operating software interacts with leading studio management systems, allowing the router crosspoints and signal labelling to be remotely automated.  The D23m and Infinity Core can also be configured as a stand-alone router

The legacy Studer D21m rack and Compact Stagebox remains available and can be integrated in a Vista mixer system.  Fibre based SFP modules are used for interconnections, allowing multi and single mode fibre cables to be configured.  The D23m offers a high level of resilience, the rack is fitted with dual redundant power supplies and dual signal interconnections.  In addition, the Vista operating software provides realtime status monitoring of the major components including I/O racks.


D23m I/O cards include

  • D23m Dual MADI-IO Board
  • D23m Quad MADI-IO Board
  • D23m AES67 Card
  • D23m AVoIP I/O Card


Compatible D21m cards include

  • Microphone
  • Analogue Line input
  • Analogue Liner Output
  • ADAT
  • TDIF
  • MADI
  • SDI embedder/de-embedder
  • Dolby E decoder
  • Dante
  • Cobranet
  • Aviom A-Net
  • Livewire
  • Riedel Rocknet
  • Harman Blu-Link
  • GPI