Remote Camera Interface System


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Live-Link Jr. is a highly-integrated camera extender system optimized for electronic news gathering (ENG), uplink truck, and specialized broadcast applications. The portable camera end unit and rack-mounted truck end unit provide all the resources needed for a single-camera live event. Linked using just two single-mode optical fibers, the same excellent performance will be supplied whether the units are hundreds of feet or miles apart. Notable features of the Live-Link Jr. system include performance flexibility, support for high-quality on-air (program), talent cue (IFB) and intercom audio, and ease of use.

Key Features
• 3G/HD/SD-SDI support
• All audio transported embedded into SDI paths
• Integrated party-line and 4-wire intercom support
• Excellent audio quality throughout
• Full SMPTE®-standards compatibility
• Standard optical, video, and audio connectors
• Hybrid fiber/copper powering of Camera End unit
• AC and DC powering of Truck End unit


Datasheet (861.98 KB)